WELCOME TO MY HOUSE. You are free to enter any of the rooms and borrow any material you find there. If you decide to quote text, copy graphics or play any of the music, it would be courteous to acknowledge the source (raykohn.com).

The house was built after I became dissatisfied with biographies I had been reading. I love books but their necessarily linear medium of communication seemed to me to “flatten out” the lives of those being described. I wondered whether another medium might better capture the multi-dimensional nature of our life experience. The result was thinking that a website might be a more appropriate medium.

I set about looking for a suitable subject for a biography where that person’s life could be shown with its many facets accessible to the reader without the necessity of reading it chapter by chapter. At first this was to be one of my musical heroes, Béla Bartok. However, it soon became apparent that my ignorance of his life outweighed my knowledge. So I searched for someone about whom I knew far more. Autobiography soon became the only candidate.

If you click on the front door and  walk up the stairs, you will be able to read a chronological set of statements that most closely resemble a chapter by chapter account. However, you are free to explore any of the rooms at any time where different aspects of the subject’s life are revealed. As my visual design skills are severely limited, my artist daughter Ruth supplied the images. Paul Winterman of Sugarcaneweb.co.uk provided the technical expertise to make the website work. I hope you find the house an enjoyable place and some of the contents of interest.

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